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A mutually beneficial relationship

Bilateral relations between India and Bangladesh will always be important for both countries

India has long been seen as Bangladesh’s staunchest ally, going as far back as Bangladesh’s Liberation War, in which India played a crucial role.

To that end, Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla’s words which stated that increased connectivity between the two countries will prove to be beneficial for both countries rings true and, as such, must be heeded by the authorities concerned on both sides.

This increased connectivity has already been seen in action, with India now able to access its north-eastern states through Bangladesh’s rivers, and Bangladesh gaining access to the markets offered in these Indian states such as Tripura.

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Furthermore, connectivity via rail and road continues to improve as well between the two countries, opening up even newer avenues and opportunities due to ease of movement of people, and goods and services.

It is also imperative that Bangladesh take advantage of this increased connectivity and the potential for new destinations; the government must incentivize the exporters and businesses in order to successfully do so.

It is also to be expected that, with this increased connectivity and understanding, Bangladesh also addresses some critical points of discussion with India, be they the treatment of innocent civilians at the borders, India’s silence on the Rohingya issue, or the ongoing dispute regarding the Teesta water-sharing.

Bilateral relations between India and Bangladesh will always be important for both countries. For Bangladesh, as it paves its economic journey and reaches new milestones, it must remain strategic and prudent with its diplomacy, not just with India, but all its political and developmental allies.

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