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The social impact of COVID-19 on Nepal


Youth awareness campaign Nepal conducted a social awareness program on coronavirus. The virtual program with topic“An interaction program on Living with the Coronavirus” was held . Chairperson of youth awareness campaign Mr. Chintan Poudel said that people are fearing the pandemic. Most are home bound or are facing government lockdown.

Due to this health and economic situation has hampered daily lives of people. To make people aware of the pandemic, its impact and what needs to be done to overcome the issues and keep up with the normal way of life this program is organized.

Prof. Dr Neeraj Nischal, Department of Medicine, All India Institute of medical sciences, New Delhi , special guest of the program talked about the health sector challenges and how he handled the covid 19 cases since the beginning in March 2020. “When this disease starts all of were scared. But with knowledge and experience and when we tried to save more lives we are now handling these cases with caution” said Dr Neeraj.
Epidemic anywhere is just a flight away from your country , as we can see coronavirus has spread all across the globe. We should not fear with the virus, rather try to take precaution to take and keep up on our work. Dr Neeraj mentioned.

Prof. Dr. Gyan Krishna Kayatha , Department of Medicine, Patan Academy of Health Sciences talked about handling of coronavirus cases in Nepal. Dr Kayastha highlighted the current scenario, testing methods and how the critically impacted patients are treated. Prof. also highlighted on the upcoming vaccinations that might be coming up and available to general public. More testings are required and more caution is required to be taken such as to run our daily lives and keep ourself safe from the virus, Dr, Kayastha insisted.

Dr. Anugya Poudel Chataut, Internal Medicine hospitalist who is working in Florida , USA and has been working closely to treat covid 19 infected patients since the beginning of the cases in the US talked about the need to take enough precaution from the pandemic.” This is not a minor virus to be ignored , we need to take this very seriously “ Dr Anugya insisted.

She also explained how to tackle with this. How we can communicate with others and how we can save ourselves from this virus by keeping distance, by using Masks all the time, by not inviting new people at our home – not even closed relatives. Taking extra precaution can keep ourselves free from this virus. We need to fear this virus and help remain safe and keep others safe from the virus.

The participants were able to ask their doubts cleared on this interactive program.

Youth awareness campaign , Nepal has been conducting several social awareness program recently , policy debate programs, social development and interaction programs since 3 years of its establishment. This campaign is focussed on working closely on social issues and empowering youths , engaging them for economic and social development within Nepal.

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