A family who were left alone

  • Suddenly a thought flashed in my mind, it was all over, but why think negative?
  • Why continue the process of mourning?
  • Father is cruel, what is the use of staying on this decision? Why not explain why the father is like this…

Not infrequently, but often mornings were accompanied by beatings. The frustrations of the father used to rain freely and the body and mind used to remain wet. The father’s failures had created a web of lies and most of the failures stemmed from anarchy.

He had spent his childhood in such a sick environment and was on the verge of being spent as a teenager. Due to the fear spread in the house, the screws of mutual hatred were also getting tightened. Obviously, hatred kills love and without love, the family is a sham or a compromise.

Then where would the children go?

The soup was a bit salty that day, the father’s anger boiled over, he threw the food and told the mother, ‘Idiot. Such an insult to the mother in front of the young sons as if it was a daily disaster. The mother used to just bear and bow down, forgot to stand up for herself because there was a fear that if she stood up, a lot would be broken, relationships and family too, Well, the kids had grown up now, so went to study in Moscow, assuming in their minds that they would never return.

It can also be said that the two elder boys of that family ran away breaking the bondage of the house as soon as they got a chance. However, this was the beginning of that alleged family breakup. Somehow the running business of the father from behind got ruined by debt and deception.

It seemed that the debtor would take the father captive, so the father also fled to Moscow, took the mother as well, but left behind his youngest son. If the whole family ran away as if a crime had been registered, everyone had to come back, so the youngest son was left behind for the troubles that followed. Only the house stood behind, the house was destroyed, and the family was gone.

What mistake have I made?

Questions started pouring down on the boy alone, just as his father’s frustrations used to rain earlier. Was I the only one to leave, Extra?  The cruel father and silent mother never allowed the atmosphere to improve. In the end, everyone ran away in a very bad fight, but why did they leave me? Will my life be like this? So negative and sad?

The boy was immersed in contemplation, but when he reached the pit of despair, suddenly a thought flashed in his mind, everything was over, but why think negative? Why continue the process of mourning? Father is cruel, what is the use of staying on this decision? Why not explain why the father is like this? Who are we, who are the judges on the matter, we should only try to understand. It’s bad, so why is it bad? who made it bad? Maybe, something so bad must have ever happened to this bad? In fact, the father was once a bonded or a slave.

Consider, this new way of thinking and living that was born at the turning point of life, won the world one of the best writers, Anton Chekhov (1860-1904). Chekhov went back to his times and also remembered how in the church he used to sing aloud with his brothers, Lord, listen first to me. Then everyone started looking with envy toward the father and mother.

Why continue the process of mourning?

There is a lot of bad in life, but there is some good too. Chekhov fell alone but did not give up. Started living his life to the fullest.  Different types of work, so that the arrangement of food and education would not be disturbed. He used to send money to the poor family who fled to Moscow and also wrote humorous lines so that for a moment, the seeds of happiness sprout in the mind of the family. He used to read a lot and started writing. Wrote a book, titled Fatherless.

Three years later, he arrived in Moscow, then 19, and was beginning to make a mark in writing. He completed his medical studies in Moscow with his own hard work. When the doctor and writer Anton Chekhov turned 30, he was completely established in the world of literature.

He was always a happy person. Loved the world dearly. He had a very bad environment, but wrote, ‘A good upbringing doesn’t mean you won’t spill sauce on the tablecloth, but you won’t notice when someone else does.’

Chekhov, who enriched world literature with the finest of works, used to say, If my life is of any use to you, come and claim it. The doors were crowded, was a day when everyone was left alone.

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