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Afghan reality awakening

In the midst of the disarray of Taliban-held Afghanistan, part of the global media, a few intellectuals, and the Biden organization are pushing stories that build up their own self-serving sees, yet regularly don’t mirror the truth on the ground.

This applies, for example, to the readiness of Afghans to confront the Taliban, regardless of whether the gathering really controls the country, Kabul-driven inclusion, and the US scapegoating the Afghan military for the Taliban defeat.

The Afghan public will not avoid the Taliban

Truth be told, that is by and large what some of them are doing well now. About 200 individuals rampaged Kabul on Thursday to challenge the country’s new rulers before they were savagely scattered by Taliban hooligans.

There have been comparable humble estimated mobilizes in Khost, where a time limit has been proclaimed, and Asadabad, where Taliban contenders killed a few demonstrators for waving the now-prohibited Afghan public banner. On the off chance that the exhibits develop, ridiculous crackdowns are everything except guaranteed given the gathering’s long history of showing no kindness to the individuals who oppose their standard.

Durrani accepts more will come out soon: “in light of the fact that a couple of men in Kabul have changed doesn’t legitimize […] that we need to change our lifestyle for them.”

The Taliban are completely in control.

Militarily maybe, however not as a working government. All things considered, the vast majority of them just skill to battle.

The Taliban plainly realized how to win the conflict, however, are battling to think of one to oversee, particularly how to pay for everything. On the off chance that they can’t show the Afghan individuals they are truly in charge, that will subvert their authenticity according to the populace and to some degree a portion of the countries they need to work with (clearly not most popular governments).

To run a country, you need an arrangement, and Durrani says they essentially don’t have one: “Military men can never do public strategy.”

Kabul addresses all of Afghanistan.

No, it doesn’t. Furthermore, if the circumstance in the capital is quickly crumbling, it’s presumably much more regrettable in different pieces of the nation, where the Taliban can be more baldfaced in light of the fact that they’re not being looked at as intently as in Kabul.

For example, the system demands that young ladies have effectively gotten back to state-funded schools in Herat, however, Durrani claims that tuition-based schools stay shut on the grounds that female understudies dread the Taliban, and most ladies are remaining at home. The system is attempting to put on an act of balance, but simultaneously activists are raising the alert about the Taliban going house to house to examine and threaten ladies in places like Kandahar.

When the outsiders are gone, Durrani predicts the Taliban will show their actual face: “They will force their law […] They will police individuals, and they will control them — from what they wear to what they eat, to what they dress to what they pay attention to, to how they lead their life.”

US President Joe Biden says the Taliban dominated so rapidly on the grounds that the Afghan armed force would not like to battle. This isn’t exact. There’s plentiful proof (see here, here, and here) showing that in spite of the US burning through $83 billion to prepare and prepare them more than 20 years, the Afghan military was no counterpart for the fight solidified Taliban without US support.

In any case, Biden needs to divert part of the fault for the Taliban defeat. In any case, he didn’t pay attention to the CIA. Furthermore, albeit numerous Afghan officers gave up to the Taliban without discharging a shot, many probably did as such to keep away from a bloodbath since they were dwarfed, outgunned, and skilled by the Taliban.

For Durrani, this moment isn’t the opportunity to shame the Afghan armed force, regardless of how degenerate its political chiefs were, on the grounds that they were able to battle.

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