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Apple Event iPhone 13 LIVE UPDATES

Apple event is over
The livestream is over from Apple.

that is a wrap.
So, that’s all foilks. Apple has launched today:

– iPad mini

– iPad

– Watch Series 7

– iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13

– iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

No new AirPods today. Stay tuned to India Today Tech for details on products launched today, including the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 India prices.

iPhone 13 Pro also gets the cinematic mode and it is a great device for filmmaking.
iPhone 13 Pro specs and features

In terms of design, the iPhone 13 Pro is near identical to the iPhone 12 Pro. There is a new Sierra Blue colour this time.

— The front camera notch is 20 per cent smaller.

Otherwise similar design to the iPhone 12 pro.

Inside the iPhone 13 Pro: New camera, new battery, new dsiplay and more performance.

— A15 Bionic. 6 cores. 2 high performance + 4 power efficient cores. 50 per cent faster GPU than competitors.

— Super Retina XDR display. 1000 nits brightness. Pro Motion display. 10Hz refresh rate to 120Hz refresh rate. Basically smoother scrolling. It’s dynamic for better battery life.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro camera
The iPhone 13 Pro’s telephoto (77cm) with 3x optical zoom, ultra-wide camera and wide-angle camera all come with improvements on low-light.
Apple is also adding macro photography on the iPhone 13 Pro. The ultra-wide lens can be used to zoom in and magnify the object. All three cameras also support Night mode.
Apple iPhone 13 Pro series
The iPhone 13 Pro series gets the 120 Hz ProMotion refresh rate on the display.
Apple iPhone 13 Pro comes in four new colours
The gold and blue colour options just look stunning.
Apple iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max are here

It is time for the Pros to make an appearance. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are being shown now.

Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini will be 5G ready
Both the new iPhones will be 5G ready. It will also support MagSafe charging.

Apple iPhone 13 camera

Apple is adding major improvements to the camera on the iPhone 13, including low-light performance for both the mini and the regular version. More importantly, there’s a new cinematic mode on the camera, which will keep the subject in focus, even if the subject moves.

The focus stays on the subject, while the rest of the background is blurred out. So yes, this is Portrait mode for video, Apple says this will allow users to create content that has a cinematic feel. It shoots in Dolby Vision HDR, which is enabled by a special custom sensor.

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini comes with Optical Image Stabilisation
Apple iPhone 13 runs the A15 Bionic

Apple iPhone 13 runs the A15 Bionic chipset. This has a six-core CPU with 2 high-performance cores and 4 efficiency cores.

It also comes with a 4-core GPU. It has a 16-core Neural engine for machine learning tasks.

iPhone 13 specs and features:
— The iPhone 13 has ceramic glass on the front.

— IP68 durability rating.

— Five colours.

— That front notch is smaller now.

— Diagonally arranged rear cameras.

— 28 per cent brighter display.

— Two variants: iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini.

— Dolby Vision supported on display.

— A15 Bionic processor inside the new iPhone. 4-core GPU. 30 per cent faster GPU than competitors (whatever Qualcomm is making). 50 per cent faster CPU. Faster machine learning performance.


Next is: iPhone 13
The new iPhone 13 looks similar to the iPhone 12. The design is kinda same.
Time for the iPhone now

Apple CEO Tim Cook back on stage. He’s talking about the iPhone.

New Apple iPad India prices and sale date
The prices for the newly announced iPad are in: Wi-Fi models of iPad are available with a starting price of Rs 30900, and Wi-Fi + Cellular models start at Rs 42900. Available for ordering today. Shipping starts from September 24.
Apple Watch Series 7 price

So Apple is keeping the Watch Series 3 and Watch SE in the lineup. The Apple Watch Series 7 will start at $399 and go on sale later this fall.

Apple launches Watch Series 7

The Watch Series 7 has the largest Watch screen yet. 40 per cent thinner border. More display area.

But the rumours about its design were wrong. It still has rounded edges. But buttons have been enlarged to sync with new dimensions.

Full keyboard is now supported for typing on the Watch. New Watch Faces specifically for the Series 7.

Durability is now better. It is the most durable Watch ever built by Apple, or so says the company. IP6X certification. Swim-proof. Dust-proof. 18 hours battery life. 30 per cent faster charging. New USB-C charging cable.

5 colours in aluminum. 3 in steel. 2 in titanium. Earlier bands are compatible with Series 7 Watch. Series 3 price is now $199, Watch SE will have a price of $279, Series 7 will have a starting price of $399. Available later “this fall”. In other words, October or late October.

Apple Watch Series 7 is here

Apple iPad mini is here

Another surprise: iPad mini is here. This one has a 8.3-inch screen with Touch ID as part of the top button. Apple is promising a 40 per cent jump in CPU performance compared to the previous generation iPad mini and a massive jump in GPU performance as well. It runs the A13 Bionic chipset as well. Oh, and the iPad mini has a USB-C port now. You can connect it to your camera, laptop, any other device. It also supports 5G.

iPad mini camera gets improved

Apple iPad mini’s rear camera is now 12MP with the ability to record in 4K. On the front, it has the same 12MP ultra-wide camera as seen on the new iPad. It also features a new speaker system with stereo. A new set of smart folio covers as well. It also supports the second-generation iPad mini.

Apple announces new iPad mini with 8.3-inches display

Apple launches new iPad with A13 Bionic chipset

New iPad specs
It looks like the new iPad is made for schoolk children and essential but basic work. It has a 12-megapixel front camera with wide-angle lens. Basically, better virtual classroom experience.

The display supports TrueTone. The design is old one, including Touch ID and thicker borders around the screen.

The first-gen Pencil is supported. Price: $329. For schools special pricing of $299. 64GB storage in base variant. If it is under around Rs 25,000 in India, it could be a great choice for many.

First update is the new iPad
New iPad! This is a surprise. Apparently this is a new affordable iPhone.

This past year iPad business has grown 40 per cent, says Tim Cook.

The new iPad has:

– A13 Bionic Chip

Apple TV+ is first
Apple TV originals are getting big recognition and big awards, says Cook. Apple is showing the stuff that is already on the Apple TV+. In case you are wondering, Apple TV+ is Apple’s Netflix competitor. The selection is limited but the quality is very high, and also the streaming with Dolby Vision is very jazzy.

Tim Cook is on the stage
A little different: This Apple event starts with some song (California sun), music and lush outdoors. A bit of a colourful start. Anyway, Tim Cook is on the stage and behind the stage there is the dry landscape of California.

It’s time
Another two minutes to go before the live stream starts for the iPhone 13 launch event. We expect Tim Cook to start with telling the world how people just loved and loved and loved the iPhone 12. It’s true though. People did love the iPhone 12 series. It has sold well, except the iPhone 12 Mini.

Is iPhone 13 worth its high price
In an hour from now, once Apple has revealed the prices of the iPhone 13 it is certain that jokes will fly. The same old Kidney jokes. Or stuff like how you can buy 5 Android phones at the price of one iPhone 13 and still have money left from ice cream. Or something similar. So, the question once again is: Are the iPhones worth their high price?

It depends. But mostly the answer is yes. If you are looking to get a great functional phone, there is nothing wrong in a high-end phone. Something like OnePlus 9 Pro is fantastic. And so is even better value for money like the Mi 11X. In fact, if you want a functional phone at relatively more agreeable prices, even the iPhone 11 is great. But once you start asking for a little extra, the top iPhones do make sense. This is because:

1- They are crazy fast. And they remain fast for at least couple of years.

2- They get at least 3 to 4 years of OS and software updates.

3- There is third-party apps bundled with them. Software is largely clean.

4- Privacy is better than what Android phones offer. Although, on this point Apple of late has scored some self goals. So, it’s tricky. Also, it is worth noting that neither iPhones not Androids are immune to something like Pegasus.

5- As package, the iPhone is a more sorted device now compared to and Android phone. It’s expensive. But it is also mostly a more cohesive and seamless experience for most people.


And there will be AirPods 3
Today’s Apple event is long. To be specific, 2 hours long. So This means there is definitely more than 2 products that Apple is launching today.

One is the iPhone 13. Another is likely to be Apple Watch 7. And the third could be the AirPods 3. Or if we are lucky, there might also be AirPods Pro 2. But AirPods 3 are almost a certainty.

The new AirPods are likely to borrow some tricks and design cues from the AirPods and bring them to a more affordable price point, say less than Rs 15,000.

If you want to watch iPhone 13 event live

Just in case if you are coming to the page now, let’s tell you again where you can watch the Apple iPhone 13 launch event live. Three good options:

— Apple website. The stream is right there up on the homepage.

— Apple TV on any device where Apple TV app is available. This means you can even watch the Apple event on a big TV screen.


Apple Event: Just under half an hour to go

Apple’s September event will start in another 25 minutes.

This will likely be a two-hour or so keynote, so get ready to settle in. As already discussed, we’re expecting the new iPhone series, Apple Watch Series 7 at today’s event. The AirPods 3? We will have to wait and see if that turns out to be true.


iPhone 13 series could feature bigger camera modules on the back

A new tweet by casemaker Spigen has suggested that the new iPhone 13 series could feature larger rear camera modules, espcially the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

‘The bigger the better, right?’ the tweet says, showcasing a triple camera module which could belong to the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro Max. While this seems a very strong hint at either bigger camera modules or more protruding ones, it remains to be seen if the same is applicable to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini variants as well. Check out the tweet below.


iPhone 13 and Watch Series 7: What rumours 

For the iPhone, this year is going to be iterative. In other words, expect the iPhone 13 to look almost exactly the way the iPhone 12 does. In fact, rumours suggest that the iPhone 13 series is slightly thicker because the iPhone 13 phones are going to be bigger batteries.

The real action this year is not with the design. It is with the internal components. Of course, there will be a new chipset likely to be called the A15 processor. Then, it is expected that the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max will have a 120Hz display. So same display and scrolling smoothness that is part of the high-end Android phones. Finally, the camera: There are rumours that the camera are yet again getting a big update in the iPhone 13 Pro Max.


Let’s talk about Watch Series 7
It is almost certain — but not 100 per cent — that the Apple Watch Series 7 is coming tonight. Why not 100 per cent? Well, because of the WWDC a few months ago. Every said that the new MacBook Pro is coming at WWDC. People were like 100 per cent sure. It didn’t launch. So, let’s keep some doubt about the Watch Series 7.

Apple India Online Store goes down ahead of launch

Apple’s India online store goes down ahead of launch, which is customary ahead of a big product announcement.

Apple iPhone 13 Live event: Four iPhone models expected, but will Apple ditch unlucky 13?

While the iPhone 12 mini might not have been a roaring success, Apple is expected to continue with the ‘mini’ lineup this time around as well.

So yes, there will be four iPhone 13 models: the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, and Pro Max. Of course, there’s a lot of speculation that Apple could just ditch unlucky 13, and go straight with iPhone 14. After all, we never got iPhone 9, when Apple made the switch from iPhone X to iPhone XS.

Which iPhone did the best in the 12 series?
Well, according to research firm Canalys, it was the iPhone 12 with its dual cameras which had the highest share in the first half of 2021. The iPhone 12 had a 24 percent market share, and the Pro Max with its big 6.7-inch display had a 22 percent share, followed by the Pro at 21 percent.


Tim Cook has tweeted

The customory Tim Cook tweet before an Apple event is in:


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The promotion has attracted interest since all indications are pointing to Apple planning to hold a digital event on September 14 to announce the ‌iPhone 13‌, Apple Watch Series 7, and third-generation AirPods, which is the same day that the early-bird Sky Mobile offer ends. There is no other sign from Sky that the offer relates to the ‌iPhone 13‌.

Apple’s new iPhone launch event is only weeks away when we can expect the US technology giant to reveal its latest smartphone innovations and upgrades.

Last year was a big release for Apple. Not only did it have to contend with getting its iPhone launch away in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it also unveiled four new phones: the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini.

Before we get to what we might see on the new iPhone, what will it actually be named? The phones are widely being referred to as the iPhone 13, but it is possible Apple could break with its numerical naming tradition – although it did previously have a version of its iOS software called iOS 13.

Apple has in the past used an “s” addition to its phone nomenclature, such as the iPhone Xs. Internally, the upcoming phones are said to be codenamed D16, D17, D63 and D64, Bloomberg reports.

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Apple is all set to launch the new iPhone 13 series, which will have the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The company is also going to launch the Apple Watch Series 7, although it may come to the market at a later stage. Apple is calling its event California Streaming and here on this page we bring to you the live updates as Apple reveals iPhone 13, its specs, its India prices, and its sale date.

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