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Bangladesh Hindu houses, temples, shops destroyed however no action: Taslima Nasreen

Bangladeshi-Swedish creator Taslima Nasreen over the ongoing violence against Hindus in Bangladesh. Taslima Nasreen said Hindu houses, temples, shops have been destroyed in Bangladesh, however, nobody has been brought to justice because PM Sheikh Hasina backs radical Islamists. Excerpts:

Q: Bangladesh’s former foreign secretary said on my exhibit that only fringe groups have been responsible for the attacks on Hindus. They don’t represent the majority in the usa and are committed to secularism. Your response…

I consider most people in Bangladesh are secular and liberal, however when I see non-Muslims getting attacked and no one being brought to justice, I doubt it’s a fringe group. Many humans believe in Islam and additionally, support the Taliban and are not very concerned about Hindus due to the fact Hindus and Buddhists have been attacked many times, and no one has been brought to justice. Human rights organizations say there have been 3,700 attacks against Hindus, and no one used to be brought to justice. Many people in India believe [Bangladesh PM Sheikh] Hasina is good, and that Hasina believes in secularism, however, I don’t assume so. Hasina is Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s daughter, so many in India assume she is good. She executed Islamist war criminals because they have been against her.

Q: She has said nobody will be spared. Is India not to believe Sheikh Hasina? Are you saying she is lying?

Every time they say that. I told you, in the last 10-15 years, so many houses, shops and temples have been destroyed so that Hindus depart the country in concern however no one has been brought to justice. Bloggers had been hacked to death, and she used to be silent. She actually helps Islamists a lot. She has made madrasas degrees equivalent to university degrees. She changed prose and poetry by Hindu writers with the writings of Muslims.

Q: If most people are secular in Bangladesh, why is it tough for them to stand up to radical elements?

Because Hasina made some dangerous laws. If you’re critical of her, you will go to prison or have a really bad time. Afraid of jihadists and Islamists, progressive people left the country. Those who want to reform Islam or secularise the country, they’re afraid of Hasina. She promised to convey back the 1972 secular constitution when she came to power, however she did not do so to please the Islamists. If you have a country’s religion, people of different faiths will robotically become second-class citizens.

Q: Do you believe there is a conspiracy to create communal tension?

These younger people who destroy Hindu temples and houses are brainwashed that Islam is the best religion and Allah is the actual god

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