Biden administration agreed to military assistance to Taiwan

After the visit of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, America is now looking in an aggressive mood. America has made its policy clear in the matter of Taiwan.

The Biden administration said that if China attacks Taiwan, its forces will come to its aid. This time the Biden administration has clarified its policy in the signal itself. Now the ball is completely in China’s court.

In such a situation, the question arises whether China, which claims Taiwan’s rights, will be ready for war with America. What is the choice of China, which has challenged America in Taiwan matter? Will he still stop the arrival of delegations from western countries? Will China’s military exercises on Taiwan Street continue? What message has this decision of the Biden administration sent to the world? What is the opinion of experts on this?

The first time that the Biden administration openly agreed to Taiwan’s military help. Not only this, but the White House has also issued a statement for military help to Taiwan. He said that after Afghanistan, those who were taking the US President as a weak President.

For them, this is a befitting reply. After the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan, it was said that this decision of the Biden administration caused a lot of disgrace to America. America’s superpower was shocked by its decision of Biden.

US President Joe Biden acknowledged US military intervention in Taiwan, but this time he has publicly said that the US military will defend the self-governing island country during the war. Not only this, but the White House has also confirmed this. This is a strong message for China. By doing this, America has made its policy on Taiwan clear. Now the ball is in China’s court. However, this statement of the White House has got China chilly.

China was constantly trying to know about the Taiwan policy of the Biden administration. On the other hand, the Biden administration did not open its cards on Taiwan. The US was shocked by the way China had reacted after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

China openly challenged the US military. In such a situation, the Biden administration had only two options.  America should either respond to China’s threat or get Nancy to travel safely to Taiwan. Second, the Biden administration would have come on the back foot and postponed Nancy’s visit. Secondly, the option meant that America would have put weapons in front of China without fighting.

Now it will be interesting to see what China’s stand is after the Biden administration’s latest stand on Taiwan. Chinese President Xi Jinping is facing a tough challenge on the domestic front for his third term. In such a situation, Chinfing is not in any kind of war with America right now.

Secondly, China is also seeing the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war. In such a situation, Jinping may not want a war over Taiwan. This is the reason why China sometimes challenges America and sometimes says that it will achieve Taiwan peacefully.

War-like situation after the failure of a diplomatic solution

The situation was left to the US military after a diplomatic settlement failed in the case of Nancy’s visit to Taiwan. The US Army had the responsibility of getting Nancy to travel safely to Taiwan. For this, the US Army had prepared a strategy to deal with all kinds of situations.

If China creates any obstacle in this journey, then the US military was fully prepared for it. However, Nancy’s visit to Taiwan was not highlighted much in the US and it is finally revealed that Nancy has reached Taiwan. The goal of the US military was to get Nancy to travel safely to Taiwan.

China has no option left. If the Chinese army does any kind of attack on Nancy’s security, then its result is not good. If China adopts an aggressive mood in the matter of Taiwan, then the war between the two armies was certain. The US Army was fully prepared for this. In such a situation, China had to retreat.

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