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BioNTech seeks approval for COVID vaccine for teenagers under 12


BioNTech is about to use for approval for its COVID-19 vaccine for kids younger than 12, the corporate announced on Friday.

“We will present the results of our study among children aged five to 11 to regulators around the world within the coming weeks, and that we will apply for authorization of our vaccine for this age bracket, also here in Europe,” Ozlem Tureci, BioNTech’s cofounder and chief medical officer, told German weekly Der Spiegel.

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She said the vaccine is that the same because the one is currently in use for other age groups, but its dosage is going to be modified for the younger age bracket.

Early findings of studies conducted by the German pharma firm showed a lower dose of the vaccine is safe and effective for the 5-11 age bracket, and therefore the company has already started preparations for production.

“It looks good, everything goes consistent with the plan,” cofounder Ugur Sahin said.

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