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Chinese embassy Australia rejects “unfounded accusations” against China


The Chinese embassy in Canberra said it rejects “unfounded accusations” against China made by the defense and foreign ministers of Australia and their United States counterparts after annual talks in Washington.

A statement released by the 2 countries after the Australia-US Ministerial Consultations expressed concern over China’s “expansive maritime claims within the South China Sea that are without legal basis”, and stated their intention to strengthen ties with Taiwan.

The joint statement also criticized China’s actions of imposing a National Security Law in Hong Kong that had weakened the voting system and suppressed media freedom and expressed “grave concerns” about China’s “campaign of repression against Uighurs”, a mostly Muslim ethnic group within the western Xinjiang region.

“This petty move to place pressure on China is going to be of no avail but a staged farce,” a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Canberra said during a statement.

“We firmly oppose and reject the unfounded accusations and erroneous remarks against China on issues associated with the South China Sea, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other China-related issues.”

Speaking after the meetings in Washington, Australia and therefore the US announced expanded military cooperation, including rotational deployments of all kinds folks military aircraft to Australia, each day after announcing a submarine deal denounced by China as intensifying a regional race.

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