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CIA chief team member reported Havana syndrome symptoms during trip to India

A member of CIA Director William Burns’s team who traveled to India with him earlier this month reported symptoms that are in line with Havana syndrome and had to receive medical attention.

CNN reported on Monday, citing three sources conversant in the matter, that an individual who traveled with Burns to India experienced symptoms abroad and received immediate medical attention once back within the U.S.

One source told CNN that Burns was “fuming” with anger following the news of the Havana syndrome-like symptoms, which it depart alarm bells within the U.S. government.

Some officials saw things as an immediate message to Burns that no one is safe from the illness, including someone who leads the CIA, CNN reported, citing two sources.

The reported incident is that the second time in but a month that the Havana syndrome has affected international travel for Biden administration officials.

Vice President Harris had to delay her arrival in Vietnam last month after a minimum of two U.S. diplomats within the country had to be medically evacuated.

Harris’s office at the time said the trip was delayed due to “a report of a recent possible anomalous health incident” in Hanoi. Two officials later confirmed to NBC News that the office was pertaining to the Havana syndrome.

Burns and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines have focused efforts on investigating the Havana syndrome attacks. Burns in July said the CIA tripled the dimensions of the medical team investigating the mysterious attacks.

NBC News reported that month that up to 200 Americans have reported possible Havana syndrome symptoms.

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