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Cruise ship quarantined in Hong Kong for tests


The Latest on a virus outbreak that began in China.

A Hong Kong official says more than 1,800 people on board a cruise ship that was turned away from a Taiwanese port will be quarantined until they are checked for a new virus.

The World Dream ship, operated by Genting Cruise Lines, was refused entry at Kaohsiung port on Tuesday after three passengers on an earlier voyage were later diagnosed with the new coronavirus.

Port health official Leung Yiu Hong says 90 percent of current passengers are from Hong Kong and no one is from mainland China.

He says more than 30 crew members with symptoms such as fever, cough or sore throat will undergo tests.

Leung said everyone will undergo temperature screening and must fill in a health declaration form.

They won’t be allowed to leave until the tests are done. Leung said the length of the quarantine or the possibility of other steps will depend on the health tests.

A charter flight carrying New Zealanders home from Wuhan has landed in Auckland.

On board are 190 passengers evacuated from the Chinese city at the center of the virus outbreak.

They include 98 New Zealand citizens or residents, 35 Australian citizens or residents, and others from Pacific nations including Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Samoa.

Most of the passengers will be taken by bus to a military facility where they will be held in quarantine for two weeks. The Australians are to be transferred directly onto another flight.

Also on board are eight British, one Dutch and 1 Uzbek.

There are no confirmed cases in New Zealand.

A plane from Thailand also flew back home 138 Thais home from Wuhan.

Officials in hazmat suits greeted the passengers at U-Tapao airport and took them to a navy compound where they will be quarantined for 14 days.

Health officials in Thailand have confirmed six more cases for a total of 25.

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