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Farmers protest: Indians lash out at ‘spineless celebrities’ on social media

The farmers protest has ended up dividing much of India when it shouldn’t have and the country’s celebrities who are otherwise quite vocal on social issues and in raising their voices against injustices, have kept mum over the government’s atrocities (save for a few).

Indians on social media, who stand with the cause of the poor farmers in the country, are starting to call out their celebrities who tweeted in favour of the government instead of siding with the farmers.

#SpinelessCelebrities started trending on Twitter in India, with many users wondering why India’s film stars and cricket celebrities were not joining hands with farmers when they were supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement in America.

One user shared a quote supposedly by famed author John Grisham on the privileged and their habit of not standing for social justice.

Another lashed out at Indian skipper Virat Kohli and veteran batsman Rohit Sharma, who had both called on India to stay united.

Another pointed out that America’s “Back Lives Matter” protest was also its internal matter, if that was the stance celebrities in India were taking on the farmers protest.

Another pointed out how this too, was a script that various Bollywood superstars were just reading from.

Sukhdeep Singh took a dig at the perception among some Indians that Rihanna was paid to tweet for the farmers protest but the litany of Bollywood superstars who threw their weight behind the government, were not swayed by anything.

One social media user hilariously referred to Akshay Kumar and Saina Nehwal’s tweets as “copy paste” words.

One word for the meme below, HILARIOUS!

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