Full Privacy Available on Google Chrome, open your fingerprint

Full privacy will be available in Google Chrome, a personal tab will open with your fingerprint: Search engine company Google’s Internet browser Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, there is no doubt about it.

Android users are going to get a new feature on the Google Chrome browser, which will give them better privacy. With this, they will be able to lock personal incognito tabs with the help of their fingerprint.

The company keeps on giving new features in it and now users are getting the option to lock the incognito tab.  Giving better privacy, users are now getting a chance to lock incognito tabs in their browsers. With the new settings, personal tabs will be locked as soon as users exit the browser and will be opened only with their fingerprints.

It has been told in the new report that after the new update received by the Google Chrome browser, even if you give your phone to anyone, it will not be able to open the incognito tab. Users have been getting the option of biometric authentication in Google Chrome since the year 2020 when the company included the privacy screen feature in incognito mode in the iOS app. Chrome users on iPhones already get the option to unlock tabs with the help of Touch ID or Face ID. Now a similar feature is being given to Android devices as well.

This is how the new Google Chrome feature will work

On the Android platform, Google Chrome users will be shown a grey screen, tapping in the middle of which they will be able to change the settings related to it. Here they will also get the option of ‘Unlock Incognito’ mode and they will be able to choose the authentication feature. After this, only after scanning the fingerprint, the tab will be open and its content will be accessible.

An optional feature is fingerprint authentication

The new Google Chrome feature is optional, meaning it won’t be enabled automatically once the update is received. After updating Chrome, users will have to go to Settings and tap on ‘Lock incognito tabs when you leave chrome’ and they will be able to make the necessary changes.

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