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Harry and Meghan Markle may regret decision of moving to Canada

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sent shock-waves around the world with their decision to call it quits with the British royal family.

And while they settle well into their new life away from the UK, in Canada, some believe the move will soon backfire on the Sussexes soon enough.

Author Patricia Treble in her piece for Maclean’s notes that the move all the way to Canada could be worse for the couple’s privacy than they may have anticipated.

She writes: “Few paparazzi images of them ever made it into the British media. That’s partly because their residences are tucked behind layers of government-funded protection. Their home in Britain, Frogmore Cottage, is located within the secure confines of the large home park of Windsor Castle.”

She goes on to note: “Their current residence is on a secluded peninsula near Victoria on Vancouver Island, and guarded 24/7 by British and Canadian government security personnel.”

Canada may provide the Sussexes with the best chance for the private family life they want. Unlike in Britain and the United States, Canadian culture — and media — have a reputation for not delving into the private lives of public figures unless they directly impact their jobs,” she said further.

That being said, she further argues that “Canada’s reputation for respecting privacy may also have its limits.”

“In fact, the Sussexes may end up with less privacy than they had as full-time working members of the most famous family in the world,” she added.

“They will never be ordinary citizens living regular lives,” she said, adding that they “have thrown the dice, gambling that the initial flurry of attention will fade, allowing them to forge a high-profile path through the commercial and philanthropic worlds while also controlling how much information is released about their most private moments.”

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