‘hawk’ of green light seen in sky of Russia, Picture won the award

Such a light appeared in the sky of Russia, which surprised everyone. But the photographer who took the picture of this scene got the award. The exhibition of this picture is going to be held next year.


Northern Lights are often seen in the northern areas of Russia . in different colours. Rising like waves. Flowing and wavy.

These are called Aurora. Photographers from all over the world go to take pictures of these lights. On cold days and freezing cold, they spend time in snowy and deserted areas. Then only such pictures are found.

One such photographer is Alexander Stepanenko. These brothers went to the Murmansk area of ​​Murmansk Oblast, Russia. Wandering in a snowy night. Somewhere to find a photo of the great Northern Lights.

Suddenly he saw this green light changing.  It immediately took the form of an eagle. Alexander explains that the light was in the opposite direction. And weak too. But after a while the golden moment of my life came.

Alexander said that right above me was a cliff of snowy peak. Over which an eagle with a green light came out. It was an aurora. Winged Aurora. As if a crown has come on top of a mountain covered with a sheet of white snow. I used Nicole D850 camera to take this picture. This picture has received the award in the 14th Annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year Contest.

Aurora The circle of light formed in the polar regions of the planet. It is seen at both the poles of the earth. It is formed when the sun’s rays, or rather the waves coming from it, collide with the planet’s atmosphere, then they do such a bright chemical process, due to which these circles of light appear to be deteriorating.

Mars and Mercury have their own different types of aurora. But their magnetic strength is different in different places, so the light also appears to be formed in different directions.

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