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Indian, Chinese patrols face-to-face in Arunachal Pradesh


In the next round of Corps Commander degree talks between India and China, which are supposed to take region in eastern Ladakh, there used to be a minor altercation between Indian and Chinese troops in the eastern region of the India-China boundary. Sources cited that patrol parties of each nation came face-to-face in Arunachal Pradesh, which led to some jostling before they disengaged.

The incident took region last week close to Yangtse in the Tawang sector. Sources in the defense establishment said the Chinese had come in “sizeable” strength and came face-to-face with an Indian patrolling unit. However, a respectable said, as it happens in such cases, there used to be some pushing around between the troops, however it used to be added under control by the local commanders.

Sources stated that “both facets undertake patrolling activities up to their line of perception” and “whenever patrols of both sides physically meet, the situation is managed in accordance to established protocols and mechanisms agreed by each side”. The source additionally said, “physical engagement can last for a few hours prior to disengaging as per mutual understanding”.

Officials said that because the India-China border “has not been formally demarcated, and hence there is a difference in perception of Line of Actual Control between the countries”, peace and tranquillity “in these areas of differing perceptions has been possible by adherence to existing agreements and protocols between the two countries”.

The officials said there was “no damage” to Indian defenses and infrastructure.
Further, an official said, “this is routine business on every occasion patrols meet wherever there are differing perceptions” of the LAC. Such areas are patrolled by each side, however “in this instance, the patrols happened to meet”.

Government officials underplayed the incident and said the Tawang region is inclined to such incidents, however, this time such an engagement between the two sides has passed off after a long time. A similar incident had taken place in 2016 as well.

However, the incident comes ahead of the 13th round of Corps Commander level talks to talk about the resolution of the 17-month long standoff in eastern Ladakh. Officials stated the talks are expected to be held within the next few days.

After the last round of talks on July 31, each side had disengaged from the Gogra Post area, from Patrolling Point 17A. The breakthrough in talks after the two sides had pulled again their troops and tanks from the north and south banks of Pangong Tso in February.

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