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Indigenously developed ‘Remotely’ can solve age-old problems

Jose Kalathil

NEW DELHI: Pandemic Covid-19 has forced people all over the world to stay and work from home. In this new normal, augmented reality (AR)-enabled learning is the only option for the future. This new technology has made distance learning and skill training more convenient. But unfortunately, big industries that are at the forefront of innovation, have not fully embraced this technology and automation.

With this in view, VR AR MR, an award-winning high-tech enterprise, has developed ‘Remotely’, a user-friendly, real-time visual assistance platform to solve this age-old problem. It offers SMBs and MNCs a reliable smart, intuitive visual guidance to assess, diagnose and resolve issues remotely.

This indigenously-developed algorithm brings a magical digital AR experience with 3D tracking for issue resolution and an optimal overall experience. It has achieved an accuracy rate of 95%.

Once you download Remotely on your mobile phone or desktop, it enhances the device capabilities by allowing the advanced algorithm to view various details and contents of the host on your screen, even if he is miles away.

Not only is this a groundbreaking win for people looking to solve problems by themselves, but also an empowering initiative that literally adds a new dimension to the work that you do.

Users can interact with experts in real time and take control of the process as it is happening on the screen. The text-based instruction format and 3D annotations go hand in hand with the premium quality visuals.

“How many times have you tried to get your TV or Internet working to fix an appliance on the fritz, or need help with a computer problem? You spent aeons with a customer service representative but he doesn’t always understand the problem or can’t clearly explain the

solution. So the service centre send a technician first and you wait a few days for him to come. But now, using ‘Remotely,’ you can use your smartphone to show the call centre the problem with a single tap. No clunky installations required. They can show exactly what to do.

Guiding you step-by-step and staying with you until they see that your problem is solved, customer centres can now provide stellar service cutting handling times and technician dispatches significantly. ‘Remotely’ makes your life simpler, happier & better than ever before. ‘Remotely’ is now being used by organizations globally. It is transforming and improving efficiency and helping the low touch economy in maximizing its revenue growth.

Divyanshu Varshney, founder and president of VR AR MR says, “We believe in the spirit of community building, economic growth, and accessible resources. Over the past few years, we’ve demonstrated a history of success within the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tech industry and pioneered new ways of conveying information and presenting content that is accessible, engaging, and exciting. We’re actively contributing to Skill India, Digital India, and Atma Nirbhar Bharat by devising digital innovative products in India. ‘Remotely’ is the first of its kind application to have been developed fully in India.”

With ‘Remotely,’ VR AR MR aims to educate and empower over 600 million people about digitalization and skill learning through training new skills or teaching how to repair items. It uses AR technology to highlight the contents of the screen realistically and clearly. Anyone can learn the skill of his choice from the comfort of his home or place of work with the help of subject experts.

It will bring more independence and freedom to learn for people, and create a better working environment for all organizations globally. Also, the jobs lost during the pandemic can be re-generated if people learn new skills from home using ‘Remotely.’

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