ISI agent Mohammad Darji killed in Nepal, Daughter jumped from a roof

Mohammad Darji: Lal Mohammad, an ISI agent and supplier of counterfeit notes in India, was shot dead outside his home in Kathmandu on September 19.


Underworld gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s henchmen of D-Gang and Lal Mohammad, who worked as an agent of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), were shot dead outside his house in Kathmandu, Nepal on September 19. was murdered.

According to intelligence agencies, he was the biggest supplier of fake currency notes to ISI in India. According to news agency ANI, Lal Mohammad was shot by two unidentified assailants who had come on a bike. The attackers were wearing red T-shirts and jeans.

Who was Lal Mohammad alias Mohammad Darji?

ISI agent Lal Mohammad was known by the people in Nepal as a cloth merchant and people used to call him by the name Mohammad Darji. It is believed that Lal Mohammad used to bring fake Indian currency from Pakistan and Bangladesh to Nepal at the behest of ISI and then supply it to India from there.

According to officials, Lal Mohammad had also helped the ISI with logistic support and had links with the D-Gang of underworld gangster Dawood Ibrahim. Apart from this, he had also given shelter to many other ISI agents.

The entire incident caught on CCTV

The entire incident of Lal Mohammad’s murder has been captured on CCTV, in which it is seen that as soon as Lal Mohammad gets down from the luxury car outside his house located in the Gothar area of ​​Kathmandu, two assailants opened fire on him.

Give a blow During this, Lal Mohammad tried to hide behind his car to avoid the attack, but the attackers could not escape the firing for long.

Lal Mohammad got three bullets

SP Dineshraj Mainali, a spokesperson of District Police Range Kathmandu, told ANI that Lal Mohammad, a resident of Hariwan Municipality-2 in Sarlahi, Kathmandu, had received three bullet injuries. In which two hit on the head and one on the thigh. After the incident, Lal Mohammad was taken to Tribhuwan University hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

The daughter jumped from the roof to save Lal Mohammad

Kathmandu District Police Range Chief SP Bharat Bahadur Bohra and Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office Chief Janak Bhattarai along with a team are investigating the incident. It is told that when Lal Mohammad was fired on outside the house, Lal’s daughter was present on the terrace and she jumped from the first floor to save her father.

However, by the time she reached her father, the attackers had fled. Let us tell you that before this, Dilshad Beg, a close aide of Dawood Ibrahim and once an MP in Nepal, has also been murdered, which intelligence agencies believed to be the hand of Kidnapping King Bablu Srivastava. However, don Chhota Rajan also claimed to kill him.

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