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Israel hits Hamas targets as Gaza militants fire rockets


Israeli aircraft struck a series of targets in the Gaza Strip early Monday while Palestinian militants launched rockets into Israel in the third consecutive night of fighting between the edges.

The violence took place shortly before Israel’s prime minister, Naftali Bennett, was heading to Egypt for a visit expected to specialise in Egyptian efforts to broker a long-term truce between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers within the wake of an 11-day war last May.

Those efforts appear to possess come to a standstill in recent weeks. Tensions have further risen after last week’s escape from an Israeli prison by six Palestinian inmates.

The Israeli military reported three separate rocket launches late Sunday and early Monday, saying a minimum of two of them were intercepted by its rocket defenses. It said it attacked a number of Hamas targets in retaliation. there have been no reports of casualties on either side.

In other violence, the Israeli army said an assailant attempted to stab a soldier at a busy intersection within the occupied West Bank . It said that soldiers shot the attacker, who was taken to a hospital. No further details were immediately available.

In downtown Jerusalem, meanwhile, police said a 17-year-old Palestinian boy stabbed and wounded two people near the city’s central bus terminal .

Jerusalem captain Doron Turjeman said the assailant was shot by a politician . The boy suffered a significant gunshot wound to the chest.

Last week’s prison break appears to possess heightened tensions across the region, with Palestinians staging variety of protests in solidarity with the lads . In Palestinian society, nearly every family has seen a member imprisoned by Israel, and therefore the thousands of prisoners held by Israel are widely seen as heroes paying a price for the national cause.

Over the weekend, Israel caught four of the six Palestinian inmates, who tunneled out of a maximum security prison on Sept. 6. Palestinian militants reacted to the arrests with rocket fire. Israel’s look for the last two prisoners is constant .

The Egyptian-mediated efforts to deliver a long-term truce have struggled with the edges unable to agree on a system to renew Qatari payments to needy Gaza families. Israel has demanded guarantees that Hamas doesn’t divert the cash for military use.

Gaza is an impoverished territory whose population is overwhelmingly comprised of families who fled or were forced from properties in what’s now Israel during the war surrounding Israel’s establishment in 1948.

Hamas is pushing for Israel to finish a crippling blockade that has devastated Gaza’s economy, while Israel is demanding that Hamas free two captive Israeli civilians and return the remains of two dead Israeli soldiers.

Hamas has controlled Gaza since ousting the forces of the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority in 2007, a year after the Islamic militant group won Palestinian parliamentary elections.

Since then, Israel and Hamas have fought four wars and various smaller rounds of fighting.

On Sunday, Israeli secretary of state Yair Lapid on Sunday involved a replacement approach to finish the cycle of fighting with Hamas, describing an idea of international investment in Gaza’s infrastructure in exchange for pressure on Hamas to halt its military buildup and preserve calm.

“The policy Israel has pursued up so far hasn’t substantially changed things ,” Lapid told a security conference. “We got to change direction,” he added.

Much about his proposal — which he said was made in consultation with the us and other countries — has been floated before but never implemented thanks to the fighting, deep distrust and bitter internal divisions on each side . Bennett, whom Lapid is to exchange in 2023 under a rotation agreement, didn’t immediately discuss the proposal.

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