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Israeli armed force kills Palestinian children in West Bank

A Palestinian man was shot dead from early Tuesday after the Israeli soldiers stormed the Balata displaced refugee camp in the northern West Bank.

Palestinian medical sources said a civilian was killed during conflicts that emitted with Israeli soldiers in the storming refugee camp, east of the Nablus city.

The sources preferred not to be, at the Rafidia Governmental Hospital in Nablus, told that a civilian arrived at the hospital suffering from serious injuries, but lost his life.

In the meantime, a few onlookers told that Israeli troopers raged the Balata camp to arrest Palestinians and conflicts emitted with various young men in the refugee camp.

They added that the Israeli officers utilized live projectiles and nerve gas canisters, while youngsters tossed stones at the powers.

The medical sources presently can’t seem to report the name of the killed and more subtleties.

Conflicts, as a rule, erupt after the Israeli forces storm Palestinian cities and towns, to arrest Palestinians from their homes.

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