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Kainakary in South India is a tourist-cum-pilgrimage centre

Jose Kalathil, NEW DELHI
If you want to stay in a pollution-free ‘island’ where no motorable road exists, for a day or two or for more, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Kainakary, in the southern-most Indian state of Kerala, also known as ‘Gods own country,’ undoubtedly is the ideal place.

Pamba Inn, the tourist resort on the bank of river Pamba, at Kainakary in Alleppey district, once known as the Venice of East, is the best bet for a sojourn, in any season. Here, one can enjoy the calm waters flowing in the river sitting in a chair, or riding in a small boat in which only two or three persons can sit, which is oared by a man, or in a motor boat sitting on its top watching people swimming, washing clothes, or in an air-conditioned houseboat spending the night eating the local delicacies like the Karimeen fish caught live from the river, fried or cooked in coconut milk along with the locally-brewed toddy collected from coconut trees.

“It is a calm, beautiful and peaceful place to relax. One can unwind and enjoy the views which cannot be seen anywhere in the world, here,” said Ken Liu, a Taiwanese student, who has stayed in the village with two of his friends for a week. “And it did not cost me much as compared to my stay back home,” added he.

“The mouth-watering dishes were prepared in my presence,” said Sudhir Singh, a banker from North India. “I will visit the place again with my extended family members during the long summer holidays,” he assured.

Kainakary is also a centre of pilgrimage. The more than 200-year-old house of the recently canonized Catholic saint, Kuriakose Chavara, founder of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) congregation, is preserved in its original form.

“Most of our patrons come in groups and celebrate their wedding anniversaries or birth days here enjoying the dishes prepared by our talented cook,” said Renil Sebastian, a partner of the resort. “We take care of all the needs of our guests to their full satisfaction,” added he.

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