Man killed when he went to resolve neighbour couple’s dispute over cooking chicken at home, accused arrested

Bhopal, India

A man was killed while resolving a dispute between a neighbouring couple over cooking chicken at home in Chawani Pathar village under Bilkhiria police station in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The incident took place on Tuesday, but the matter came to light after the arrest of the accused Pappu Ahirwar on Friday.

On Tuesday, there was a dispute over cooking chicken at home

Bhopal Dehat Superintendent of Police (SP) Kiran Lata Karketa said the couple had a fight over cooking chicken at home on Tuesday. The woman refused to make chicken at home on Tuesday. Her husband Pappu Ahirwar then assaulted the woman.

Neighbour attacked with stick

According to the SP, some people living in the locality reached there and resolved the dispute between the couple, but later Pappu reached the house of one of his neighbours Bablu Ahirwar and attacked him with a stick. During this time he was seriously injured, he was admitted to Hamidia Hospital. The doctors there declared him dead. Sp Karketa said that the accused Pappu Ahirwar has been arrested and the matter is being investigated.

That’s why he was murdered in Rewa

Due to the objection of the father-in-law in the love affair in Rewa, the daughter-in-law along with her lover had killed the father-in-law. Bichhiya police station had arrested the alleged lover along with the accused woman. The incident is a month old. It is being told that at the time of the incident, the old man’s granddaughter was also sleeping near him, but she also did not find her at night. In the morning, when the old man’s grandson went to give him tea, he saw him lying in a pool of blood and informed the people of the house.

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