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MCC is against Nepal’s national interest


Demonstrations took place across the country, including in Kathmandu, demanding the repeal of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement.

Stating that there is no need to look to foreigners for the development of the country if the widespread corruption can be reduced, it is said that emphasis should be laid on controlling corruption by scrapping the MCC project.

Stating that the implementation of the MCC project would have a serious impact on the nationality and independence of the country, he said that the general public should continue to be vigilant until the MCC project is scrapped.

For Rs 50-60 billion, voices have come from the civic level that Nepal’s sovereignty should not be undermined.

The MCC project would be even more deadly than previous treaties. He said the MCC agreement had been kept secret for a long time and was objectionable, experts said.

Experts have said that Nepal could become an arena of American imperialism if the MCC is passed by the parliament. That should not be allowed to violate Nepal’s independent foreign policy.

nepal we should consider the interests of our country, sovereignty, geographical integrity, national independence and self-respect.

Dr. Bhim Bahadur Rawal

Member of the House of Representatives of Nepal

Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist) (CPN-UML)

Nepali politician, former Deputy Prime Minister & Defense Minister of Nepal and the former Minister of Home Affairs

Bhim Rawal has said that some provisions of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement are against Nepal’s interest. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

This is not to say that we should not seek American assistance, but that we should consider the interests of our country, sovereignty, geographical integrity, national independence and self-respect.

Similarly, Rawal had complained that while questioning some provisions of the agreement between the Government of Nepal and the MCC, some accused him of being ignorant. I would like to say to those who say so (I am the most read person from the beginning to the end of the draft of this agreement. On February 10, Alice Wells publicly stated that the MCC was part of the Asia-Pacific strategy and called on the US government to respond.

Stating that Article 7 (1) of the agreement reached with the MCC states that ‘if the agreement and the law of Nepal are in conflict, the present agreement will be implemented’, he asked, He also questioned the granting of intellectual property rights.

“The government should have prepared a plan to satisfy the MCC and the Indian government should have supported the plan in sending such a plan,” Rawal said. To do so would be to limit Nepal’s right to self-determination. ‘

Nepal is mentioned on page 38 of the IPS document published by the US Department of Defense,” Rawal said.

The sidelines of an all-party interaction on “MCC and the capture of Limpiyadhura Kalapani Lipulek and the question of national independence”, Rawal said the MCC was unthinkable.

The report, published in the United States, states that the MCC is clearly part of the Indo-Pacific military strategy. “There is no point in expressing one’s happiness by disobeying the written document of the United States,” he said. “The MCC agreement is against the constitution of Nepal.” If the MCC is implemented, Nepal will have to accept the law made by the United States in the future. ‘

Leader Rawal also claimed that the provisions of the MCC were outside the constitution of Nepal. “The constitution drafted by the two-thirds government cannot be amended for a single agreement,” he said. Therefore, MCC is against Nepal’s interest. ‘

Various treaties and agreements have hurt national sovereignty. “I hear again that the US government is signing the MCC Compact. How can the agreement be implemented without the approval of the House? How did MCC start acquiring land in Nuwakot? How can we sing about MCC in media opening? Rawal explains.

He also demanded that other agreements with the MCC be made public. “The people must know this. If the MCC is approved to amend a provision that is against the national interest, it will be treason. It should not be approved without modification,” he added.

A US Secretary of State said in a statement that the MCC was part of the US Indo- Pacific Strategy and that the MCC was unacceptable if anyone had a strategic interest. “We must support it by removing and modifying its provisions. It should not be a matter of strategy.”

 “Even though the MCC agreement was said to be for 5 years, it was mentioned in some articles and sub-clauses that it would last forever. “

nepal Jhala Nath Khanal

Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Socialist) CPN

Member of the House of Representatives of Nepal Former prime minister

They have reiterated that MCC should not be passed under any circumstances. Khanal said, “No MCC without any change and amendment.”

 Khanal has said that he will not approve the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).  those who are in favor of the country’s sovereignty cannot support MCC.

 He said that some of the conditions in the MCC were unnecessary and objectionable and the task force had found nine new agreements during the study apart from the MCC’s 2017 document and the 2019 implementation agreement.

While studying the MCC document, he said that after passing the MCC, Nepal has to abide by the US National Security Concept and it is not acceptable for Nepal.

Stating that after the signing of the agreement, Nepal has to abide by the conditions of liberal economy, liberal democracy, market economy, prevailing laws of the United States and the laws to be enacted later, he said that Nepal cannot pass MCC in such matters.

He said that even though the MCC agreement was said to be for 5 years, it was mentioned in some articles and sub-clauses that it would last forever.

Khanal, accused the Nepali government of bowing before the US superpower and presenting the MCC to the parliament. He said that the MCC agreement was not between the two governments but between the government of Nepal and a US corporation.

Khanal said that the MCC was not an international agreement and that it was not acceptable for the US to pass it in Nepal’s parliament. He said that it was a shame for the government to go against the constitution of Nepal and present it in the MCC parliament.

He said that there would be no more tragic chapter in the history of Nepal if the government ratified the MCC agreement by shedding blood and trampling the blood of the citizens of the country.

He said that the Congress was in a position to pass the MCC against the national interest while it was free to go with the UML. He said that he could not support the anti-national activities.

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