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Meghan Markle vs Kate Middleton: how British press villainized the royal family women

Meghan Markle has unquestionably stomached the ugly side of British tabloids more than anyone. However, prior to her entrance in the royal family, the onus had been falling on Kate Middleton.

The world has hardly forgotten the British media’s obsession of villainizing the royal family women as before Meghan, it was Kate who had to bear the brunt.

The Duchess of Cambridge may now be dubbed at the prototype of a ‘faultless’ royal wife following Meghan and Harry’s marriage but the public image wasn’t all too rosy for her either.

Helen Lewis writing for The Atlantic notes that, “All women lose when women’s lives are boiled down to these simple binaries: selfless mother against ruthless careerist.”

The public perception for Kate altered to a great extent once she welcomed her firstborn Prince George with William in 2013 — after which the criticism quelled significantly.

However, things were always different for the former Suits star who instantly after her arrival in the royal family, was pitted against Kate who was always given an upper hand in front of the Duchess of Sussex.

“Meghan is a mother too. Kate has political interests, such as mental health and early-childhood education…Not everything they do is ‘sending a signal’ or ‘making a statement’; some of their personal choices are just that: personal choices,“ Lewis added.

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