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Myanmar’s president calls for people’s participation in building democratic federal union

Myanmar’s President U Win Myint Saturday called for the participation of country people in government’s endeavor to build a peaceful democratic federal union.

“Today is the time when all the national brethren have been striving with a strong union spirit to obtain eternal peace and to achieve mutual understanding and to trust without doubts and conflicts while taking lessons in the past,” said the president in his message for the commemoration of the 72nd Independence Day.

U Win Myint also called for efforts to strive for the successful implementation of peace process, the emergence of a federal union, building complete mutual trust, and the amendment of the constitution which is relevant to the real situation of the nation and in line with the standards and fundamental principles of democracy and human rights.

Meanwhile, the Union Peace Conference, 21st Century Panglong, has been successfully held three times in order to obtain peace and national reconciliation and some agreements for building a democratic federal union have been reached, he added. Myanmar achieved its independence and sovereignty on Jan. 4, 1948.

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