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Nepali in Death Row in Saudi Arabia survives execution amidst efforts from local activist

Migration for foreign employment has become a major source of income for a many Nepali households. Nepali migrant workers make an enormous development contribution to their home country but also to the destination countries where they fill labour market niches by doing jobs that nationals are unable or unwilling to fill. But their contributions does not lessen their vulnerability to labour exploitation and abuse.

However, this is a different story, the story of Umesh Yadav, of Dhanusha district who has been doing time in Saudi Arabian Jail. Like many Nepalese migrant workers , Umesh went in search of a golden future to Saudi Arabia after paying a good sum of money around 140 Thousand Nepalese Rupees to agent, But his fate has something else planned for him.  He worked at the Jiladin Company in Saudi Arabia for six months until this unfortunate incident happened. He was convicted on charges of murder of a Pakistani national. Yadav was accused of murdering Pakistani man Mohammad Lucky Asif 11 years ago. In 2018, May 15, local court of Saudi Arabia had sentenced Yadav to death. His only hope now left was to seek for pardon with the victim’s family and pay the blood money. But he and his family were in no condition to pay the blood money.

A Nepalese Social Activist Saroj Raya, is the man behind the rescue of Umesh. He went to Faisalabad in Pakistan to negotiate a settlement with the victim’s family. Pakistani lawyer Mohamed Nawas, played a role in the reconciliation between the two families. It has been learnt that the assailant’s side agreed to pay the blood money. However, the amount of blood money has not been disclosed, It is after that Umesh had been set free and returned to Nepal as a free man. Earlier Raya campaigned for helping out Umesh and raising the needed blood money for the rescue of Umesh. It is also learnt that Raya has succeeded in convincing the victim’s family and collecting the blood money amount around Nepalese Rupees 4.4 million from Nepalese living abroad and inside Nepal.

Umesh returned to Nepal on February 05, 2020. Luckily, his fate was with him as he did not have to return to Nepal in a coffin like the red coffins that can be seen in the Kathmandu Airport every day. But the family of Umesh (wife and two sons) has currently nothing left in their possession to live a decent life. Umesh’s wife is s daily wage worker and has been supporting her family. Like its said when there is life, there is hope, Umesh now has to start all over again and he plans to craft a good future for him and his family this time in his homeland “Nepal”.

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