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Paris: Yellow Vests back out to reinforce protests


Yellow Vest protesters resurfaced in Paris today, embracing new causes, against both proposed pension reforms and police violence, according to local press reports.

Thousands marched in the northern part of the capital in a route stretched from Porte de Champerret to Gare de Lyon, starting in the late morning and resulting in 32 arrests by 3.45 p.m. (1445GMT).

In a clash of armed officers and demonstrators between the Place de la Republique and Place de la Bastille around 4 p.m., police fired tear gas and de-encirclement grenades. These grenades are often resorted to when an officer must remove him or herself from a crowd or create a passage. Officially a weapon, their use is subject to a strict framework as they are able to cause serious injuries.

The procession broke up and traffic was disrupted. No injuries were reported.

The Yellow Vest protests first began in November 2018, focusing on economic issues.

Saturday marked the 45th day of protests since anti-pension reform strikes began on Dec. 5.

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