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Queen Elizabeth is ‘heartbroken’ over not getting to see Archie after royal exit


Underneath the poise nature of the British stiff upper lip, it appears as though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s actions have left the British royal family shaking from its very foundation.

With the official royal exit drawing closer day by day, the upcoming move by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will mean that the Queen will not be able to witness her great grandson’s developmental milestones as accessibly as she does with Prince Willaim and Kate Middleton’s kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

According to a US Weekly source the Queen is now “heartbroken over the thought of not getting to see her great-grandson.”

The biggest issue at hand is that the Queen might not be far fetched in her fears as Archie has barely spent any time in UK ever since his birth. He is instead staying with Meghan’s best friend Jessica Mulroney, while the former royals are tying up loose ends with their royal engagements.

“The Queen would love to have a relationship with Archie, but it’s looking unlikely that will ever happen.”

The source concluded by saying, “The Queen’s worst fear is that she may never see Archie again. She’s trying to stay optimistic about this situation and would never stoop to casting any aspersions on Meghan’s character—even after everything that’s happened.”

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