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Russia not planning to negotiate with Taliban


Russia isn’t planning to negotiate with the Taliban after the outfit has ousted the democratically chose government in Afghanistan, Russian President Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

These comments came from the Press Secretary when he was asked in what format Russia is planning to conduct accommodations with the Taliban and who’ll conduct this dialogue the military or diplomat, The Frontier Post reported.

” Connections through our mission are carried out in Kabul. Those connections are necessary to assure the safety of our diplomats on other specialized issues. The line that this new government will take, ” Peskov said.

He was also asked on kind of security hazards do Russia sees from the Taliban.

” A hazard can potentially emit from Afghanistan. We’ve talked about this beaucoup times. This is medicament trafficking and the infiltration of terrorist groups there, ” Peskov aimed out.

Anteriorly, Russian Ambassador to India Nikolay Kudashev has said that it’s concerned with hazards that may emit from Afghanistan after the Taliban has taken over the country.

Kudashev said that Russia ” We do not want soil of Afghanistan should be used as a source of terrorism. These are the really basal values that bring Russia and India together. I do not see much of the difference in our position as envoy to India, ” he added
India and Russia partake in a common concern on terrorism expiring from Afghan soil. India has before expressed its establishments over the unfolding situation in Afghanistan and has stepped up attentiveness and security in view of any effect in Kashmir.

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