Russia Threatens, if we reduce price of our crude oil, we will stop supply whole world

New Delhi

On behalf of the G-7, the organization of the world’s seven most developed countries, Russia has threatened to reduce the price of crude oil from the international level to a certain range, if this happens, then it will send crude oil to the whole world.

will turn off the supply. This threat from Russia has been given by its Ambassador to India Denis Elipov.

Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov announced – European countries are still buying a lot of Russian oil

At a news conference here on Friday, he also said that European countries are still buying large quantities of oil from Russia, while they are adopting a dual policy on other countries that buy oil.

Denis Alipov also advised India not to heed the advice of the G-7 countries as it is not in their interest.

He expressed hope that the energy ties between India and Russia will further strengthen in the days to come.

There is also a big motive behind this threat by Denis Alipov from Indian soil that India is one of Russia’s largest crude oil buyer countries. G-7 countries are trying to limit Russia’s oil sales and their efforts to fix its price should be supported by India.

Rejects the proposal to limit the price of crude oil

“We reject proposals from other countries to limit our crude oil prices,” Denis Alipov said. If such a price is offered from their side which we cannot accept, then we will stop supplying crude oil to the whole world. This will lead to a steep rise in crude oil prices.

Energy cooperation between India and Russia will be further strengthened

Filipov said that India is constantly buying crude oil from Russia. The deals in this regard are being done by the companies of both countries keeping in mind the interests of the buyer and the supplier.

Energy cooperation between the two countries will be further strengthened. This was also discussed in the meeting between Prime Minister Modi and President Putin in Samarkand recently.

Western countries are adopting a dual policy

Regarding the pressure on India, he said that Western countries are still indirectly buying crude oil and gas in huge quantities from Russia, but are advising other countries not to do so.

This is their dual policy. In the Western countries praising Prime Minister Modi’s statement during his meeting with Putin, he said, “There has been no change in India’s policy regarding Ukraine.” But western countries are touting only what they like about Prime Minister Modi.

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