Sri Lanka told China a close friend; India Is Our Brother and Sister

Regarding India's help in the Sri Lankan crisis, the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka said that India not only helped us financially but also encouraged them to help Sri Lanka by talking to the IMF and other development partners.


Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner Milinda Moragoda has described her relations with India as special. Referring to former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, he said that he always used to say that China is our close friend, but Indians are our brothers and sisters.

He said that the way Sri Lanka has relations with India even though there are fights in the family, but they are always related to each other.

In the Indian Women’s Press Corps, Moragoda said that Sri Lanka has a special relationship with India, so matters related to their security interests are our own.

He said, “From the Ramayana to Buddhism today, Sri Lanka and India have a long historical relationship. Our relationship is very special. Relationships will have ups and downs but relationships will always be special.

Acknowledging India’s help in dealing with the economic crisis in Sri Lanka recently, the High Commissioner said that he is grateful for it. He said, “India has helped us at a time when no country has taken any step in this direction.

India not only helped us financially but also spoke with the IMF and other development partners and encouraged them to support us.”

At the same time, last month, the High Commissioner on the docking of the Chinese spy ship in Hambantota port of Sri Lanka said that the decision to allow the stoppage of the Chinese ship ‘Yuan Wang 5’ was taken in such a state of chaos when former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa left the country.

Was He emphasising that his country is working on a plan for cooperation with India to avoid issues such as stopping a Chinese research vessel at its Hambantota port?

“I think the lesson we have learned is that we need very close cooperation and coordination with India and we also need to build a framework for cooperation and we are discussing that,” he said.

Further, on the controversial issue of fishermen between Sri Lanka and India, the High Commissioner said that it is a complex issue and they are trying to find a solution. He said, “I met the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. We need to find a solution to this but it is a complex issue. We are discussing.”

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