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The Corona Virus Impact : Indian Business dependent on Chinese Imports – At Risk

The corona virus outbreak has affected the Indian business dependent on Chinese imports. Imports such as Electronics, automobiles and pharmaceuticals are affected. Also, seafood and spices exports are also vulnerable as Beijing absorbs a big chunk of the $10-billion these shipments bring in every year to the Indian economy.Unless Chinese supplies bounce back quickly, it would lead to scarcity and higher prices in a few weeks. Looking for alternatives to China is time-consuming and costly.Prices of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs have skyrocketed, and mobile handsets and consumer electronics could be next.
China is a big supplier of television panels, LED chips, compressors for refrigerators and air-conditioners, and motors. The prices of these products could increase if the supply disruption is prolonged.If China continues the shutdown, there could be 5-10% of business loss in shoe industry also. Same could be with Mobile sets market also. Automobile, is another area that could be affected.

Likewise China is also a big export market for India. Apart from this export businesses like Spices, Seafood, Rubber & Diamond could be affected if the shutdown from China continues.

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