Thirteen Myanmar workers complained to Thai Police on allegation of visa swindle


Thirteen Myanmar workers on Tuesday filed a complaint with police, accusing a Myanmar woman of swindling them each out 10,000 baht for promised alien identification cards and visa extensions she failed to provide.

They were led by Me Tu, 53, and accompanied by lawyer Krisda Trisanputtachart when they filed their complaints with Samrong Tai police in Phra Pradaeng district. They identified the accused woman as San Win.

Ms Me Tu said she and her colleagues worked at a factory in Soi Preeda, tambon Samrong Rai. She was introduced by her friends to Ms San Win and her husband around June. Ms San Win claimed she was a broker who could get them alien ID cards and have their visas extended, enabling them to continue working in Thailand.

She said 33 migrants in total, including herself, paid 10,000 baht each to Ms San Win. Some paid in cash and others transferred the money to her account by mobile phone.

They waited and waited, and then asked Ms San Win where were the promised documents. She was evasive, saying only that the requests for the documents were still being processed, Ms Me Tu said.

On Sept 11 they learned that Ms San Win had fled with the money, prompting them to file police complaints.

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