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Tibet aims 20 pct growth of labor income for farmers, herders


Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region is aiming for a 20 percent growth in labor income for farmers and herders in 2020, the regional human resources and social security authorities said.

The region will strive to realize employment for 600,000 farmers and herders this year, with the total labor service income to hit 4.2 billion yuan (610 million U.S. dollars).

Government-invested projects and characteristic industries such as organic highland barley cultivation and yak fattening provide job opportunities for farmers and herders, according to Li Fuzhong, director of the regional human resources and social security department. Tailored training also contributes to their employment.

Last year, 570,000 farmers and herders in Tibet got labor service jobs and reaped a total revenue of 3.48 billion yuan. Employment has been an important way of income growth of rural residents and laid a sound foundation for the region to eliminate absolute poverty.

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