What should be blood pressure of men according to age?

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, people are compelled to ignore their health. Due to this most people are facing the problem of blood pressure.

Normal blood pressure reflects our mental and physical health. But if it is not in balance, then many types of problems surround our bodies.

Well, nowadays people of every age and gender are falling prey to it. But this problem is found more in men. Everyone’s blood pressure varies according to age and medical condition. Today we are going to tell you in detail about how much blood pressure should be at what age.

BP is detected in this way

Blood pressure is measured in two ways. Systolic and diastolic. Which in common language we call upper blood pressure and lower blood pressure.

The systolic which is the highest number when measuring BP and the diastolic is the lower number, such as 120/80. This is the way to find out the blood pressure. Now we will tell you what age men should have systolic and diastolic.

Know age-wise BP here

  • BP of 20-25-year-old men should be 120.5/78.5mmHg
  • 26-30-year-old men should have a BP of 119.5/76.5 mmHg
  • BP of 31-35-year-old men should be 114.5/75.5 mmHg
  • BP of 36-40 years old men should be 120.5/75.5 mmHg
  • 41-45-year-old men should have a BP of 115.5/78.5 mmHg
  • BP of 46-50-year-old men should be 119.5/80.5 mmHg
  • BP of 51-55 years old men should be 125.5/80.5 mmHg
  • BP of 56-60-year-old men should be 129.5/79.5 mmHg
  • 61-65-year-old men’s BP should be 143.5/76.5 mmHg

If someone’s BP is continuously high or low according to age, then they should immediately consult a doctor and pay attention to their health. Although a normal blood pressure of 120/80 mmHg is considered correct, it changes according to age.

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