Will Russian President Putin really order a nuclear attack?

The Russia-Ukraine war has now reached a dangerous juncture. Russian President Vladimir Putin has become aggressive regarding this war. President Putin has ordered a partial military mobilization amid the war.

Along with this, he has given a stern warning to Western countries and America. In such a situation, the question arises as to why Putin has changed his strategy after retreating his army in the war. What is Putin’s partial military mobilization? Has the Ukraine war reached a dangerous point? Can Putin do a nuclear attack in this war? Why did he warn the western countries? What are its implications?

Actually, the soldiers we are talking about deploying in this war are reserve people. This is a person who is a member of the ‘Military Reserve Force’. He is a common citizen, but he can be posted anywhere if needed. However, it does not serve in the army during peacetime. Russian troops have suffered massive losses in the Russia-Ukraine war. Putin’s decision shows that there is a shortage of soldiers in this war.

Putin is indicating that this war will go further. There is no immediate end to this war. He said that if this war goes on, there could be a risk of nuclear attack. Russia will not be ready to give up under any circumstances and Putin may allow the use of nuclear weapons when there is a shortage of troops in the country.

Putin threatened Western countries, including America, saying that the warning of a nuclear attack should not be taken lightly. He said that the atomic warning is not a drama. If there is a threat to Russia, then the atom will not back down from attacking.

Putin will definitely be distracted by the juncture at which the Russia-Ukraine war is standing. He also has a lot of anger toward the western countries regarding this war. In such a situation, it is possible that he may decide to launch a nuclear attack out of desperation.

Putin is realizing that Russia could not win this war because of the military cooperation of Western countries and America. Russia uses atomic bombs, its effect will go to the western countries. In such a situation, its heat is sure to go to NATO and America. Then this war will not be between two countries.

Putin said the West has crossed its limits

Putin said during this time that the West had crossed its limits. Western countries are trying to weaken, divide and destroy Russia. Putin said that the Luhansk People’s Republic of Ukraine has been liberated and the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) has also been partially liberated.

Plans are underway to make two Ukrainian cities, Donetsk and Luhansk, part of Russia. It is believed that voting for this will be held from September 23. Donetsk and Luhansk, part of Ukraine’s Donbas province, have been a major source of tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

This step was taken to protect the country

That in order to protect the homeland and its sovereignty, he considers it necessary to support the decision of the General Staff on partial mobilization. One report says that the West (USA-Europe) has crossed the border. The West is trying to weaken, divide and destroy Russia.

Putin warned that Russia would use all available means if territorial integrity was threatened. This announcement of the President is being seen from the preparations for the war. The announcement would allow Russian businesses and civilians to contribute more to the war effort. Putin has signed the order for partial military mobilization and it is in effect from Wednesday.

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