Arvind Kejriwal asked questions: Why are you not dealing strictly with China?


The National Council meeting of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) took place in Delhi. Senior leaders of the party participated in it. Addressing the meeting, party convenor Arvind Kejriwal said that this year has been very good for us. He said that we formed the state government in Punjab, we got two MLAs in Goa and recently won five MLAs in Gujarat. He said that many people ask us why we could not form the government in Gujarat. I don’t think there is a single party which has been able to form the government in its first attempt itself?

AAP became a national party

Arvind Kejriwal said in the meeting, “Many congratulations to all of you for becoming a national party in 10 years. This is because our philosophy is to talk about what the people want. While other parties fight among themselves, we fight for the people and talk about them. We say that we will build a school, provide treatment to your family and give you a job. Altogether there are only three national parties now – Congress, BJP and AAP and we are different.”

AAP’s three ideologies

The Delhi CM said on Sunday, “What is our ideology? It has three pillars – fanatical patriotism, nation first, family second and self last. We are ready to die. to the country; Dagger Honesty – We have not come here to do corruption. We have emerged from the anti-corruption movement. Other parties are corrupt, we are not involved in this. We will send our members to jail if they are found involved in corruption. Humanity – We do not believe in any kind of discrimination.

Said this on China issue

On the other hand, on the clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers in Tawang, CM Kejriwal said, “Chinese aggression on the border is increasing. Our soldiers are fighting bravely on the border. But the problem is that we seem to be rewarding China for its aggression. In 2020-21, we imported $65 billion from China. The next year it increased to $95 billion. We need to strengthen India’s manufacturing capabilities. I don’t understand why the Center and the BJP are not able to be tough with China? We are importing clothes, slippers, glasses from china. Can these things not be made in India?

Describing the Delhi government, Arvind Kejriwal said, “In Delhi, we provide many facilities to the people for free. A government report says that the average rate of inflation in the country is 7.5 per cent, but in Delhi it is 4 per cent. This is because of the AAP government. The states with the highest inflation are Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh at 8%. People ask what is my view on AAP. I don’t have any vision for AAP. I have a vision for the nation. AAP is just a vehicle. Our nation should be one where there should be love among people, there should be no caste discrimination, there should be no quarrels related to religion. If the people of the country are not united, there can be no development.”

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