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6.4 magnitude earthquake In Indonesia

There has been a rapid increase in the cases of earthquakes in Niabhar during the last year and this fact is not hidden from anyone. Cases of earthquakes are seen somewhere in the coming days. Now another case of earthquakes has been seen and it has come in Indonesia. Indonesia has seen several cases of earthquakes in the last few months.

Many of these earthquakes were of low intensity, but some were of high intensity as well. The recent earthquake was of greater intensity. An earthquake occurred on Indonesia’s Java Island on Friday evening, whose intensity was recorded at 6.4 on the Richter scale. Indonesia’s Geophysics Agency BMKG confirmed the earthquake.

What was the depth?

According to reports, the depth of the earthquake that occurred on Friday evening in Java Island was 25 kilometres. BMKG informed me about this.

What was the status of the loss?

Due to the tremors of the earthquake, there was panic among the people in the affected area of Java Island. But there has been no news of any casualty. Although minor cracks were observed in some houses, things like the falling of the tin shed were observed, but there was no major damage.

there is no risk of a tsunami

There is no tsunami threat due to this earthquake on Java Island. Indonesia’s Disaster Agency informed about this.

Worrying is the increase in earthquake cases

In the last few months, cases of earthquakes are increasing all over the world. For the last few months, cases of earthquakes are seen in some or the other place all over the world. Some earthquakes do not cause any damage, but in the last few months, some such earthquakes have also been seen which have caused huge destruction. The earthquake in Indonesia last year and the earthquake in Turkey and Syria this year caused a lot of devastation. Although not all earthquakes cause devastation, the increase in the number of earthquakes is worrying.

6.4 magnitude earthquake In IndonesiaEarthquakeWhat was the depth?What was the status of the loss?Worrying is the increase in earthquake cases