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For Marketing/Advertising Enquiries, Please write to us at [email protected]

The Asia Live gives you the flexibility to create a high-impact advertising campaign with standard and rich media formats that are right for your marketing efforts.

This flexibility can be ascertained by combining a variety of advertising units, to help you build a strong advertising campaign that reaches your target markets and objectives with a powerful advertising platform on the web.

The Asia Live is funded through our sponsors and advertisements. We accept ads with main industry standards including:

  • Ad sizes – 728×90, 468×60 and 300×250 pixels
  • File Formats – jpg, gif, png or Flash,
  • File size – no more than 40Kb


Pop-up banner (all pages) $ 1500 per month
Top strip banner on the Home Page $1000 per month
One side strip banner on the Home Page (either left or right) $800 per month
Bottom strip banner on Home Page $ 600 per month
In-article strip banner $400 per month
Inside sections side strip banner (on right side only) $300 per month
Inside sections bottom strip banner $ 200 per month

Adverts Policy

To ensure a high standard of advertising, we regulate ads displayed on our site and will not accept the following:

  • Nudity or sexually explicit adverts
  • Deceptive or misleading adverts
  • Colonising adverts that spawn additional windows or messages
  • Adverts that distribute adware/ spyware or viruses
  • Adverts that auto-forward users’ browsers to different websites
  • Adverts that resemble system dialogue boxes, error messages, etc.
  • Pop-up or pop-under advertising
  • Take Over creative that covers the content or navigation
  • Contact us at [email protected] for more information.