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Afghanistan: Iran, Russia and China are eager to invest in Afghanistan, Taliban says


Afghanistan Economy: Taliban has decided to fix the economy of Afghanistan. For this, the government will now encourage self-reliance. Along with this, work will also be done to increase international trade and investment in the country.

Acting Commerce Minister Haji Nooruddin Azizi has said this. He informed that he will start a national self-reliance program in the country, encouraging all government administrations to use domestic products. Apart from this, the government will also try to encourage people to support domestic products through mosques.

Haji said that the government will support those who help them with self-reliance in the country. Another part of his strategy is to promote trade and foreign investment. He told that people who were importing goods from abroad to Afghanistan are now asking them to give investment opportunities in Afghanistan and they want to invest here instead of importing from abroad.

 Russia and China want to invest

The minister said that countries like Iran, Russia and China are also interested in trade and investment in Afghanistan. Talks are on with those countries on this. Projects under discussion include Chinese industrial parks and thermal power plants with the participation of Russia and Iran.

Let us tell you that in the same month, there was an attack on a hotel of Chinese businessmen in Afghanistan, in which many foreigners were badly hurt. Investors are worried about security after this attack. To this, Azizi said that the authorities are working to ensure security. The government is trying its best not to harm the businessmen. So far the attack has not made any difference but if it happens continuously, it can have bad effects.

Azizi, said foreign investors are showing interest in Afghanistan’s mining sector, which is estimated to be worth more than $1 trillion. Forty companies took part in the auction for an iron mine in western Herat and a lead mine in central Ghor province, and the results will be announced soon.

Deal with Russia

The minister further informed that a major contract has been signed with Russia in September for the supply of gas, oil and wheat. Let us tell you that the Taliban government in Afghanistan has faced criticism from all over the world for banning the education and work of women. At the same time, many types of sanctions have been imposed on Afghanistan regarding terrorism.