Afghanistan: More than 15 million victims of starvation by October


The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has claimed that by October 2023, more than 15 million people in Afghanistan will be victims of starvation. As TOLO News reports, 29.2 million people are expected to need humanitarian assistance. Afghanistan’s recession has been compounded by drought-like conditions, floods, insecurity, harsh winters, political and economic instability, and displacement.

Citing a UNICEF report, Tolo News reported that the economic crisis in Afghanistan is expected to continue. And 64 per cent of households are unable to meet their basic needs as vulnerable populations have been pushed to the brink. Since the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban in August 2021, the situation for the people in Afghanistan has worsened as the country is in the grip of a massive humanitarian crisis. “The main objective of humanitarian aid and food security is to raise consumption levels and the basic needs of families,” said Syed Massoud, an economist about the situation in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

According to UNICEF, restrictions on Afghan women working for NGOs and the United Nations have significantly increased threats to the safety of vulnerable women and children. Women’s rights activist Surya Payakan said, ‘Women have the best talents and can play an active role in social and work fields, but unfortunately, the present government is yet to solve this problem in the country.’ Ever since the Taliban seized power, people are facing difficulties with basic amenities, and the condition of women in the country has also worsened. Women in the country are banned from holding leadership positions and are not allowed to work as well as travel unless they are accompanied by a male companion.

AfghanistanMore than 15 million victims of starvation in Afghanistan by Octobervictims starvation