Army taking help of Navy to monitor the border areas between India and China, what is the reason

India is now continuously increasing surveillance along the disputed border with China. For this, the army has also increased its capabilities. The Indian Army is now also using naval equipment to thwart the enemy’s encroachment attempts, especially on the sensitive land borders.

According to the reports, the Indian Army is currently monitoring the mobilization of Chinese troops on the border and increasing their infrastructure through the equipment of the Navy. At present, the Navy has deployed its P-8I Long Range Patrol Aircraft and heavy duty ‘Sea Guardian Drones’ along the border with China. Through these aircraft, the Navy usually carries out long-range surveillance in the seas and oceans. However, on the request of the Army, this aircraft of the Navy continues to be a part of the intelligence mission along the border.

Both the US-made P-8I and Sea Guardian drones can fly for hours over long distances. To monitor any movement of the enemy, they have high-resolution cameras, which can take clear pictures even at night through electro-optic and other modern sensors. Both these aircrafts also help in further upgrading the use of satellite on the border.

It is reported that the borders on which naval equipment is currently being used include Ladakh on the western front of the 3488 km LAC and Sikkim-Arunachal Pradesh on the eastern front. While both India and China have already deployed 50,000 troops along the border to brave the harsh winter, the situation has worsened after the recent skirmish in Arunachal’s Tawang. In view of these, the army does not want to reduce its preparedness to deal with any threat.

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