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Austin: Unwavering US Support for Israel

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III emphasized the US’s unwavering commitment to Israel following a meeting with key leaders in Tel Aviv. He condemned the “bloodthirsty, fanatical and hateful” attacks by Hamas terrorists, which killed over 1,300 people, including at least 27 Americans.

Austin compared the Israeli attacks to ISIS’s atrocities and assured Israel that the US would provide the necessary resources for defense. He pledged to continue coordinating with Israel to release hostages taken by Hamas. Austin met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli War Cabinet to express US support for Israel and deter further escalation.

Following the attacks, President Trump announced measures to strengthen the US presence in the region, including positioning the USS Gerald R. Ford Strike Group in the Eastern Mediterranean and increasing Air Force fighter presence. The carrier strike group arrived at the station, and a squadron of Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft arrived in the region.

The US is providing military aid to Israel and is preparing to replenish its Iron Dome missile interceptors. The Department of Defense is also supplying security assistance, with further aid expected to flow rapidly. Austin has urged against exploiting the situation to widen the conflict or increase bloodshed.

The US Secretary of State, John Austin, has emphasized the US’s commitment to assisting Israel and Ukraine in defending itself against Russia’s aggression. He stated that US support to Israel remains “non-negotiable” and that the US remains the most powerful country in the world.

Austin also highlighted the importance of projecting power and upholding commitments, while directing resources to multiple theaters. He emphasized that the world is watching and the US is not going anywhere.

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