Australia-China signs of improving relations; Australia prepares to return thousands of Chinese students

by Zauqi Farooqi
Australia China


Australia is preparing for the appearance of thousands of Chinese students, the education minister said on Monday, days after China’s education ministry warned students enrolled overseas that online learning would no longer be recognized.

Australia’s education sector, which generatedA$ 39 billion ($27.66 billion) in import earnings before the epidemic, has strong ties to China, with roughly,000 citizens enrolled in Australian universities. Knockouts of thousands remain coastal after the epidemic, restrictions and simulated politic relations led numerous to return home.

But with three weeks to go before Australian universities start, the Chinese Ministry of Education’s Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) said on Saturday it would no longer honour overseas degrees attained via online literacy and prompted scholars to return to overseas premises as soon as possible.

” At present, the borders of the major destinations for transnational study have restarted, and foreign (overseas) sodalities and universities have completely proceeded offline tutoring,” it said in a statement.

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