Australia controller to probe social media influencers for false signatures

by kaarthik shankar


Australia’s competition controller said on Friday it would check whether influencers on social media platforms had failed to expose their cooperation with the brands they were promoting.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission( ACCC) said it would look at further than 100 influencers after several consumers informed the controller about some signatures and witnesses that they said were deceiving.

” The number of tip-offs reflects the community concern about the ever-adding number of manipulative marketing ways on social media, designed to exploit or press consumers into copping goods or services,” ACCC Chair Gina Cass- Gottlieb said in a statement.

The inquiry will target influencers in fashion, cosmetics, food and libation, trip, fitness, parenthood, gaming and technology. It’ll also check if advertisers, marketers, brands and social media platforms are easing any misconduct.

Individuals who transgress Australian consumer laws could be fined up toA$2.5 million($1.78 million).

The ACCC has been conducting a series of examinations as part of a broader Digital Platform Services Inquiry, concentrated on the provision of social media services, including patronized posts and influencer advertising on social media platforms. It’s anticipated to submit its sixth interim report by March 31.

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