Bengaluru’s Water Crisis: Collaborative Efforts Required

Water Crisis

TKarnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has announced that Bengaluru, India, is facing a water shortage of around 500 million litres daily, compared to the city’s requirement of 2,600 MLDs.

The situation has led to daily meetings and a draft of a weekly action plan to address the water crisis. An expert committee will be formed to ensure future water supply.

The Chief Minister stated that 1,470 MLD water comes from the Cauvery river and 650 MLD from borewells, with 6,900 of these having dried due to encroaching or dying water bodies.

Bengaluru needs 2,600 MLD water, but 1,470 MLD comes from the Cauvery river and 650 MLD from borewells, resulting in a water shortage of about 500 MLD.

Bengaluru Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has expressed hope for the Cauvery Five project, which is set to begin in June to address the city’s water crisis.

The project is set to serve 110 villages in the Metropolitan Bengaluru Municipal Corporation from 2006-07.

There are ample potable water reserves in both the Cauvery and Kabini rivers, capable of sustaining them until June. He also announced plans to install bore wells at 313 locations and revive 1,200 inactive bore wells.

He also mentioned that there is no shortage of funds to provide drinking water, as seen in the KC valley.

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