Cathay Pacific flights tire burst in Hong Kong to Los Angeles

Cathay Pacific flight CX880 to Hong Kong was grounded due to a technical problem before take off from the international airport on Saturday morning. 11 passengers were injured during the emergency evacuation. Let me tell you, there were 17 crew members and 293 passengers on board the plane going from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.

Cathay Airlines issued a statement saying that when the plane was about to take off, the crew detected some technical problem, after which the decision was taken to cancel the flight. At the same time, if a media report is to be believed, the reason behind the incident is said to be excessive heating of a tire of the aircraft. It is being said that the tire had become very hot, due to which it burst.

The aim was to disembark the passengers safely after a technical fault was detected in the aircraft, the statement said. The passengers were therefore ejected from the aircraft using five-door escape slides. Meanwhile, 11 passengers were injured and were rushed to the hospital.

Cathay Company said that nine people have been discharged from the hospital, and have been sent home. At present, two passengers are admitted to the hospital. Cathay said that these passengers and their families will be taken care of, and we will do whatever assistance is needed. The airline has also apologized to the passengers.

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