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Challenges Faced After a Tripwire is Tripped in Syria

A drone strike on a US military facility on the Iraq/Syria/Jordan border resulted in three US servicemembers killed and several dozen injured. The US Central Command claims the attack hit a facility inside Jordan, but Jordan and the “Iraqi Resistance” claim the US facility was inside Syria’s border.

This raises questions about the legality of US troops stationed on Jordan’s territory, as they are not illegally occupying foreign soil. If the facility was inside the Syrian border, it means US troops illegally occupying Syrian territory were hit, implying a foreign occupying force was attacked by people defending their homeland.

Most Americans may not understand that US forces are illegally occupying a large portion of Syrian territory, a country with which Washington is not legally at war. Sen. Lindsey Graham has offered his explanation for US troops being killed in Syria, stating that their forces are there to protect the American homeland.

However, this claim may not resonate with most Americans, as thousands illegally enter the American homeland daily with impunity. Graham’s advice to respond to the strike is to “hit Iran now. Hit them hard.”

The graphic revealing the number of US troops in bases near Iranian missile range reveals that neocons like Graham and his fellow neocons view American troops as cannon-fodder to fulfill Netanyahu’s demand for the US to attack Iran for Israel’s sake. US hyper-interventionist foreign policy has been relatively risk-free at home, with a few thousand deaths in the disastrous US wars on Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, if Graham’s fever dreams are fulfilled and the US launches an attack on Iran with a Vietnam-sized contingent of American “sitting ducks,” America may finally take notice. The presence of 35,000 Americans in body bags could focus America’s attention on the malevolent force that has maintained an iron grip on US foreign policy.

The Iraqi Resistance claims that the US has supported Israel’s ongoing attacks on Gaza and has recently targeted Iraqi military personnel. This claim is seen as an attempt to intensify the war and increase demands for US forces to leave Iraq. The US administration has been embroiled in retaliation for the attack, as it could lead to increased demands for US forces to leave the country.

Iraq has already demanded the US to remove its occupation troops, and the Iraqi parliament voted for US troops to leave the country nearly four years ago. The US has been accused of “no” to democracy in the region, with only Israel, which has been found to be possibly committing genocide in Gaza, wanting US troops.

Challenges Faced After a Tripwire is Tripped in SyriaSyriaTrippedTripwireUnited StatesUSUS Central CommandUS military