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Child Malnourished due to food Crisis in Afghanistan


The Save the Children Fund, Afghanistan is one of  15 countries in the world that suffer from food insecurity.  A Taliban takeover of the country in August 2021.

Political and economic instability has continued since then. “Millions of children around the world are facing hunger. In the 15 most affected countries like South Sudan, Afghanistan

Or in Burkina Faso, every minute a child becomes severely malnourished. So we urgently need your help. According to TOLOnews, Save the Children tweeted, “You can give hungry families the help they need to survive and prevent children from dying of hunger.”

Due to poverty and a lack of proper food, families in Afghanistan have expressed concern that their children are underfed. In the grip of severe malnutrition, TOLOnews reported.

Expressing concern over the current situation of children in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, Khan Zada, the father of a malnourished child, said that he is the sole source of income for the family and as a result, the three-year-old child is suffering from malnutrition. Due to the inability to give them enough food.

He said, “My last child and his mother were malnourished due to lack of food.”

Separately, Freshta, a mother of another malnourished child, said, “Every day, my husband earns between 50 and 60 Aafs. He sometimes comes empty-handed. We have something for lunch or dinner. TOLOnews reported.

Meanwhile, according to Fauzia Shafiq, the leader of the Organization for Health in Afghanistan. “This is an important project for the country at this time. And the reason for this is that, we are all aware of the economic crisis that Afghanistan is facing… We know that more and more Afghans are living in poverty. We know that livelihoods have been damaged. People have lost their jobs, their work. There have been some displacements in the country, last year we had an outbreak of some diseases.”

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