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China-Georgia strategic partnership


Georgia’s Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili recently visited China on an invitation. He attended the opening ceremony of the 31st Universiade in Changtu and held talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. During the visit, he told in an exclusive interview with China Media Group that the establishment of a strategic partnership between Georgia and China is an important and historic decision. They are very satisfied with it. Because both countries will get benefit from it.

He told in the interview that the opening ceremony of Changtu Universiade was spectacular and extraordinary, which can be compared to the opening ceremony of any Olympics. He congratulated the Chinese government and the Chinese people for successfully holding the opening ceremony at such a high level. He also mentioned that he got a chance to see panda cubs in Chhangtu. He said that the talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping were very successful and achieved great achievements. He is very happy that together the two countries have taken bilateral relations to new heights.

He said that he fully supports the Global Development Initiative, Global Security Initiative and Global Civilization Initiative presented by President Xi Jinping. He is sure that these initiatives will inspire many countries and more and more countries will participate in these initiatives. These initiatives focus on peace, prosperity and stability. He pointed out that Georgia is one of the first batch of countries to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative presented by President Xi.

Georgia was a part of the ancient silk route and this initiative is a good opportunity for Georgia. Gabibashvili said that Georgia was the first among the Eurasian countries to conclude a free trade agreement with China. Remarkable achievements have been achieved with this treaty. Till now the amount of trade between both countries has increased more than 400 times.

China-Georgia strategic partnershipGeorgia-ChinaGeorgia-China strategic partnership